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Winter can be rough for a little wiener dog with very little hair. When you’re inside, you spend most of the day under a blanket or perched on a warm person’s lap. But what happen when nature calls? A dog’s bathroom can be downright freezing!

Frank is modeling the latest in cold weather gear for the dog with discriminating tastes. This hooded fleece coat keeps you warm even in the coldest of temperatures and is specially designed for all outdoor activities. Check out that pom-pom topped hood. Now that’s stylish! And, if you get tired of the green, the coat is reversible for a more classic look in grey.

Thanks Frankie!

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  1. Awww! I’m a dachsie lover too and hope to have another one someday 🙂 My lil girl Molly passed away two years ago! Love Frank modeling for us! Super cute entry!

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