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Other than getting married, graduating from high school will be one of the biggest turning points in your life. You will be leaving for college soon, taking on adult responsibilities, and will be venturing out into the world on your own. This is the transition from the structured life that you have lived for the last 17 years into the “real world” where you will be making your own way, your own decisions.

There are many things to take care of before the end of your senior year, but one of the most important and memorable will be your senior portraits. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to have an incredible experience that you will remember long after you have gone off to college. Your senior pictures will be one of the most valuable and cherished items in your family home. Your portraits will bring a smile to faces and warmth to hearts. There is no other investment that will give you the return that professional portraits can.

I have my own kids, and I realize that at this age, seniors and parents may not always see eye to eye. I’ll help to make sure that everyone gets the looks and photos that they want. With every session, I take a couple of conventional poses for parents and grandparents, and I make sure to get at least a couple of cool shots for you. My goal is to ensure that both parents and seniors will love the photos!

Your senior portraits should showcase the real you.  They should be fresh, never stuffy and boring.  You should be able to wear what you want, and have some fun with your session.  Bring a friend or family member to make you laugh or cheer you on.  If you play sports or a musical instrument, lets take some pics with that in mind.

If you want fresh and fabulous photos taken by a super fun photographer, then call me!  Not only will you get great photos at a great price, but we’ll all have a fun time too!

Senior session fees:  Mini $25, Custom $75

Print prices start at $35 a sheet