MCP Actions are my favorite Photoshop actions to use.  I own every single one of their action sets. In fact, none of my photographs go out for print without first going through an editing process which includes several MCP actions.   So when Jodi at MCP asked me to review her new set, I was super excited!

Fusion goes in a bit of a different direction than past action sets.  It is cutting edge, keeping in mind the style and preferences of photographers and clients alike.  I appreciate the fact that no matter what your editing style is, this action set has something for you!  My original editing style was sharp and colorful, with quite a bit of burning involved.  Recently, my style has evolved to be more soft and light, although it depends on the image and the feeling I am trying to portray.

MCP’s new Fusion action set helps me to get exactly the look I want no matter which editing style I choose.  While not every action in the set will work for every photo, there is such a wide variety of choices that you are sure to find several that will fit the bill.  Fusion includes 21 color workflow actions, 8 black and white workflow actions, 7 exposure adjusting actions, 13 special effects actions, and 7 contrast and sharpening actions for web and print. Use the actions with the default layers, or adjust to your heart’s content!