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What Type Of Wedding Dress Makes You Look Taller?

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Although finding the ideal wedding dress is a highlight of the planning process, it is not without its difficulties. If you’re a future bride on the shorter side, you might be trying to figure out what style of dress will help you tower above your guests. But have no dread! In this article, we’ll discuss a few simple ways to improve your appearance for the big day.

We’ve got you covered from the ground up, with suggestions for everything from silhouette to neckline to adornment. So, let’s get started learning how to pick a wedding gown that will make you feel and appear taller and more certain than ever before.

What Type Of Wedding Dress Makes You Look Taller?

There are specific details to look for in a wedding dress if you want to appear taller. To aid you in your search for the ideal gown, here are some suggestions:

Go For A Filtted Silhouette

If you are a tiny bride who wants to appear taller on your wedding day, a fitted silhouette may be the best choice. A dress that is tailored to your exact measurements will help you look slimmer and taller. To look your best, you should pick a silhouette that works with your body rather than against it.

The sheath dress is a flattering option for small brides. This type of dress is close-fitting all over and typically has a skirt that is either straight or slightly flared. Sheath dresses can be accessorised with a wide variety of veils, jewellery, and shoes, and come in a wide variety of fabrics like lace, satin, and chiffon.

The mermaid or trumpet silhouette is another figure-flattering option for the small bride. The dramatic, voluminous skirts of these dresses balance the tight bodice and hips. Choose a mermaid or trumpet dress that flatters your figure rather than elongating it.

Finding the right fitted silhouette requires some trial and error to determine which cuts work best for you. Choose a dress that makes you feel confident and attractive on your wedding day, and don’t hesitate to seek help from a trusted bridal consultant or friend.

Choose A High Waistline

Petite brides can make themselves look taller and more slender by selecting a gown with a high waistline. You can look longer and thinner with a high waistline because it emphasises the tiniest section of your waist.

Several options exist for wedding dresses with a high waistline. The empire waist is a common choice because it creates a long, fluid skirt and sits just below the bust. Dresses with an empire waist can be constructed from many different fabrics and can have many different necklines and sleeve lengths.

The dropped waistline, which falls just below the natural waist and elongates the body, is another style of the high waist to think about. Dresses with a drop waist can be form-fitting or flowy, and the skirt can be any length and made of any fabric.

It’s vital to think about your body shape while shopping for a dress with a high waistline so you can choose one that looks great on you. A drop waistline, for instance, isn’t always the ideal choice because it can elongate the illusion of a small torso. The waistline of your wedding dress should be one that you feel beautiful in and that won’t restrict your movements.

Opt For A V-Neckline

Smaller brides can benefit from elongating their upper bodies by choosing a V-neckline. You’ll look taller and more graceful in a V-neck because it draws the eye upward and gives the illusion of a longer, slimmer neck.

Wedding dresses can be found in a variety of V-neck styles. When it comes to wedding dresses, a deep V-neckline can be very attractive for short brides since it offers the illusion of a longer neck and attracts the eye higher to the face. Even if you’re going for a plunging V-neckline, make sure it’s not too low or tight around the neck.

A V-neckline with lace or beaded detail can also help you achieve a long, lean look for your neck, and it can give texture and visual appeal to your dress.

You should think about your body shape when shopping for a dress with a V-neckline so that you can choose one that looks great on you. If you have fuller breasts, for instance, a V-neckline may be more flattering and practical. Picking a neckline that flatters your figure and makes you feel beautiful and confident is equally essential for your wedding day.

Keep It Simple

For brides who are on the shorter side, keeping the wedding dress simple might be a terrific way to avoid drawing attention away from their natural beauty. An equally traditional and enduring look can be achieved with a simple yet exquisite garment.

Dresses with straight seams, few or no frills, and a timeless cut are your best bet when going for a low-key look. If you’re a small bride, an A-line dress with a fitted bodice can be a great choice because it offers the illusion of length and slims the waist.

You might also choose a dress made of a smooth, sophisticated fabric like satin, silk, or chiffon. Light and airy, these fabrics can help you achieve a romantic aesthetic that works with a variety of wedding themes.

A simple wedding dress calls for understated accessories, such as a veil and heels. These accessories may glam up your style without taking the stage.

In general, a wedding dress that is not overly ornate might be a perfect choice for a small woman who wants to highlight her beauty classically and beautifully. You can look quite lovely on your wedding day while still feeling completely at ease if you opt for a traditional cut, understated embellishments, and understated accessories.

Consider Wearing Heels

If you’re a short bride, wearing heels is a terrific technique to make yourself look taller and more slender. Heels have the added benefit of balancing out your proportions, which can make you look more refined and put together.

Choose a pair of heels that you can walk and dance in all day without discomfort. Look for heels in the low to medium height range, since anything higher could be unpleasant or difficult to wear for extended periods.

An alternative is a platform heel, which can give you height without compromising on comfort. As the sole of a platform heel is thicker in the front, it can help to disperse your body weight more evenly and relieve stress on your feet.

It’s important to think about the length of your dress and the theme of your wedding when selecting the perfect pair of heels to complement your bridal ensemble. Choose heels that will be hidden by your dress if you plan on wearing a long dress, but feel free to show off your heels if you plan on wearing a shorter dress.


There are several options available to short-statured brides who wish to appear taller and more refined in their wedding attire. Petite brides can make themselves look taller and more attractive by selecting a dress with a fitting silhouette, a high waistline, and a V-neckline, keeping the rest of the dress modest, and perhaps even wearing heels.

Make sure the dress you pick shows off your best features, fits you well and goes with the rest of your wedding attire. Choose the wedding dress that makes you feel the most attractive and secure in yourself, whether it’s a simple A-line or a stunning ball gown.

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